For the Best Options Trading Experience – NxtOption
A premier Options Trading solution offering an array of features for a seamless trading experience, catering to both seasoned traders
and newcomers alike.

Manage Risk

Using Trailing Stop Loss

Trade Directly

Through partnered brokers

Effortless Trading

Best pre-defined strategies

Gain Insights

Through in-depth analysis

Simulated Environment

To learn and craft techniques
Reliable Mobile & Web Trading Solution – NxTrad
We are bringing the best mobile and web-based trading platform, fusing an intuitive user interface with powerful engineering for an unparalleled experience

Easy Accessibility

Navigate from mobile and web

Get Smart

With personalized watchlist

Trade Directly

From charts and Option Chain

Option Chain

Simple approach to contracts

Seamless Integration

Hassle-free API gateway

Effortless monitoring

Maintains operational efficiency and security
First Step to Stock Market Made Easy – NxTrad-eKYC
Streamlines account opening for traders, providing a user-friendly platform with quick onboarding and efficient admin management features.

CRM Integration

Clarity on onboarding checkpoints

Access Control Levels

Customizes operational experience

Five-step Onboarding

Open the account in jiffy

Multi-factor authentication

Picture & signature authentication

Back Office integration

Synchronizes various data points

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