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Trading Experience

Assist options traders in optimizing their trading experience with an array of flawless options features, predefined trading strategies,
and simulated environments.

One Solution to Make

Informed Options Trading Decisions

With a world-class user-centric design and a spectrum of options strategies, stand by your customers as they embark
into a new world of Options Trading.

Craft Trades with Precision

Hone the trading skills to execute orders with precision using our specialized tools.

Foster Knowledge & Strategy

Enhance trading expertise and tactical acumen with our unique resource.

Embrace Discipline & Patience

Develop a well-thought-out trading plan that outlines your goals, strategies, and entry/exit criteria.

Pre-defined Strategies

Want to boost your customers’ trading confidence? Help them select from our pre-curated strategies for seamless trading and real-time analysis.

In-Depth Analysis

With our best-performing readily available analytics tools, your customers can carefully evaluate their next trading decision.


Dive into the world of Options with simulator to learn and analyze your understanding of strategies.

More Features for

Every Step in Trading

Strategy Watch

Track the live performance of Options with
a comprehensive overview of its current
net premiums, breakeven points, and more.

Option Chain

Get insights into the OI interest, Theta,
Delta, POP, IV, OI, and LTP changes across
all strikes within call and put options.

Market Movers

Reveals the dynamics of top gainers and
losers along with volume, providing key
insights for strategic decisions.

Implied Volatility

The IV Chart presents a graphical
representation of volatility for indices
or stock prices, illustrating IV values.


Showcasing multiple analyses like long buildup
unwinding, short buildup, and covering, get
traders sentiments toward stock options.

Technical Signals

Identify price trends and entry/exit
points that will aid in strategic
decision-making for your customers.


Choose an index or stock option and
set conditions and value to receive
notifications when prices meet criteria.


Effortlessly navigate through your current
positions, offering convenient filtering
options based on underlying and groups.
Elegantly Designed,
Exceptional in Performance

Perfect for Traders of All Sizes and Categories

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