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Elevate customer satisfaction by providing access to a suite of trading tools that offer best-in-class user experience, superior performance and exclusive features. 

One Trading Solution 

for All 

Best In-class User Experience
Experience unparalleled ease and efficiency with our NxTrad’s user-friendly interface designed to enhance your customers’ trading journey.
Robust Engineering and Performance
Reliable, high-performance tools with advanced engineering ensure swift transactions and optimal functionality for superior performance.
Trader-Centric Features
Tailored to traders, NxTrad offers a suite of trader-centric features to empower your customers’ strategies and decision-making.


Support & Monitoring

NxTrad offers seamless trading experiences, ensuring heightened operational efficiency and enhanced security measures, guaranteeing optimal performance and client satisfaction.

Effortless Integration

Simplified processes facilitate seamless integration, enabling swift adaptation and efficient operations.

Proactive Assistance

Dedicated world-class support for Brokers to embark on their growth journey with confidence

Vigilant Oversight

Detailed Monitoring, Security, and Compliance safeguards your interest and ensures success.

Hosting Features

Traders Love the Most

Market Movers

Get insights into gainers,
losers, etc

Quote Overview

One-stop for all research &
investment insights

Pivot Points

Works as a predictive
indicator for traders

Positions and Holdings

Tracking real-time performance
of Holdings

Invert Positions

Turn around the positions
in a jiffy

Price Alerts

Get tailored notifications on
price changes

Multiple Order Types

Limit, market, stop-loss limit and
market orders are available


Add or withdraw funds
through the Funds window

Chart Terminal

Find everything from candles
to Heikin Ashi charts


Trading Applications

Explore the Power of Market Watch

For both investors and traders, Market Watch simplifies the experience by offering real-time price movements of the symbols.

Deep Dive into Stock Analysis with Fundamentals

With NxTrad, delve into Stock Fundamentals, assessing key financial data for informed decision-making, aiding in assessing company health, performance, and market value.

Simplifying Real-time Technical Analysis

The platform’s technical analysis assists users in thoroughly evaluating stocks or derivatives, visually illustrating real-time stock movements through vital aspects like technical indicators and Moving Average Crossover.

Unlock Opportunities with Scalper Mode

As your client’s dynamic trading ally, Scalper Mode aids in scalping, a strategy involving numerous small trades to profit from small price movements, offering optimized tools for quick decision-making and execution.

Unlock the Potential of

Options Trading Terminal

NxTrad’s Option Chain is an industry-first trading tool that comes with an exclusive terminal for Option Traders.
Comprehensive view of available Option Contracts empowering you to make informed decisions.
Track your PnL and stay on top of your trading with open positions.
Manage your pending orders with precision and convenience.
Streamline your trading strategy around Multiple Orders with Basket Mode.

Elevated Trading Experience with

Tailored Personalization

Smooth Login

Sign up through biometrics, mobile verification codes, OTP or TOTP.

Language Diversity

Expand trading intuitiveness beyond
geographies in multiple languages

Distinctive Personalization

Trade tailored to the client’s preferences
with a personalized, user-centric platform.

Switch Accounts

Available only on mobiles, switch accounts
help change between trading accounts



NxTrad’s simple and easy-to-use API Gateway lets brokers create an ecosystem to enable their users to connect with third-party platforms seamlessly. Full-fledged trading platforms can be built with simple REST APIs. API Gateway can easily be integrated with programming languages like Python, NodeJs, Java, C# and Go.

Who can use

Nxtrad API Gateway?

Retail Users

Apt for retail users seeking to automate their strategies and reduce human bias, especially when unable to continuously monitor the market.


Suitable for fintech companies intending to partner with startups providing innovative investment and trading solutions.

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