Who We Are

Incorporated in 2021, IOURING Private Limited is a highly specialized capital markets specific company which aims to create solutions that make the lives of traders and investors easy. With 100+ years of combined experience, the team brings with it an ocean of experience in developing highly scalable retail and institutional trading products. IOURING specializes in capital market specific products and tools with deep focus in providing rich experience in Web, Desktop and Mobile Trading.   

Our Mission

We are committed to provide state-of-the-art trading solutions with world class features and technology to retail and institutional traders

Our Vision

Trading is for everyone. We are committed towards making trading accessible, understandable and lucrative for traders across demographics.​

Our Values

Nurture absolute integrity in every relationship with client and customers, be committed to value employee motivation, diversity and growth, and foster persistent dedication to the evolution of technology, products and solutions.

Meet Our CEO

Hiran Ramankutty

Hiran Ramankutty is a seasoned capital market tech-professional with 16+ years of experience in working with leading BFSI brands across the globe. Hiran’s career spanned across the evolution of trading from a paper intensive to web intensive to finally the current day mobile intensive trading. He also comes with board-level experience in Corporate Strategy, Planning, Technology Operations, Technology Sales and Streamlining Business Operations. With a keen eye for technology and innovation, Hiran at the helm of affairs for IOURING, is determined to achieve his goal for making capital markets understandable, accessible and lucrative for all.


Our Partners

We’re grateful for the support of our clients, and our partners who continue to believe in what we are doing and empower our mission to provide simple and powerful financial market insights for everyone.

TradingView is a charting platform for traders and investors, loved and visited by millions of users worldwide. It offers state-of-the-art charting tools and a space where people driven by markets can chat, chart, and prepare for trades. Among other things, it provides the essence of market research — data — and presents it in various forms: you can track important upcoming events in the Economic calender  or browse stocks in the Screener to find the best opportunities for your portfolio. Whatever your trading strategy needs, just visit TradingView.